Benjamin David FICHIALOS (4600) Event Statistics:
Below excludes Permanents
Total RUSA Events: 31 for 11,411 km
Total Ride Time: 1,622 hours
Unique RUSA Routes: 25 (Scout Criteria)
Unique RUSA Regions: 13
RM Events: 2
Team Events: 0

Rando Scout Tabulation for Benjamin David FICHIALOS (4600)

Ct. Route Dist. Latest Region Route Start
5 Zion Natl Park 200 200km Mar 2023 Salt Lake Randonneurs Hurricane, UT
1 Five Rivers 300k 302km Feb 2022 Pacific Coast Highway Randonneurs Corona, CA
1 Colorado High Country 1200 1201km Jul 2021 Rocky Mountain Cycling Club Louisville, CO
2 Willard Bay and Beyond 201km Apr 2021 Salt Lake Randonneurs Centerville, UT
1 1000K Burnet-New Braunfels-Burton 1000km Mar 2021 Hill Country Randonneurs Austin, TX
1 Yuba Res Express 200 201km Dec 2019 Salt Lake Randonneurs Nephi, UT
1 6 Valley Tour 600 600km Jun 2019 Salt Lake Randonneurs Lehi, UT
1 Ellensburg 600k 601km May 2019 Seattle International Randonneurs Ellensburg, WA
2 Monterey Bay 400 404km Mar 2019 Santa Cruz Randonneurs Santa Cruz, CA
1 Joshua Tree to Vegas 300k 301km Feb 2019 Pacific Coast Highway Randonneurs Joshua Tree, CA
1 Rainbow 200K 200km Jan 2019 San Diego Randonneurs San Diego, CA
1 Kersey Kick 202km Dec 2018 Rocky Mountain Cycling Club Louisville, CO
1 California Central Coast Randonnee 1200k 1211km Aug 2018 Santa Cruz Randonneurs Santa Cruz, CA
1 Backroads of the Great Basin 600 600km Jun 2018 Salt Lake Randonneurs Lehi, UT
1 Vulture Mine 300k 300km Feb 2018 Arizona Randonneurs Phoenix, AZ
1 Wasatch Front/Antelope Island 300 303km Jun 2017 Salt Lake Randonneurs North Salt Lake, UT
1 The Dam Ride 203km Feb 2017 Salt Lake Randonneurs Las Vegas, NV
1 Nebo Gallivant 300 307km May 2016 Salt Lake Randonneurs Nephi, UT
1 RUSA Route #249 300km Mar 2013 Tennessee Randonneurs Brentwood, TN
1 RUSA Route #496 200km Feb 2013 Tennessee Randonneurs Murfreesboro, TN
1 Mountain Music 200k 210km Jan 2013 Alabama Randonneurs Fort Payne, AL
1 Bryce Canyon 200k 200km Jul 2008 Southern Utah Brevet Panguitch, UT
1 RUSA Route #440 300km May 2008 Southern Utah Brevet Confluence Trailhead Park, UT
1 La Bella Rani Trecento 308 308km Mar 2008 Lone Star Randonneurs Italy, TX
1 RUSA Route #68 200km Jan 2008 Houston Randonneurs Fulshear, TX
The RUSA Rando Scout award excludes Permanents, Team Events, and events for which no route is associated.
Many RUSA events before 2010 do not specify the route used.

The Rando Scout Award is maintained by Dan Driscoll.