Jim SHANNI (4524) Event Statistics:
RUSA Membership expired on 2023-12-31
Below excludes Permanents
Total RUSA Events: 67 for 21,060 km
Total Ride Time: 3,000 hours
Unique RUSA Routes: 35 (Scout Criteria)
Unique RUSA Regions: 8
RM Events: 1
Team Events: 1

Rando Scout Tabulation for Jim SHANNI (4524)

Ct. Route Dist. Latest Region Route Start
3 Athens-Augusta-Athens 400k 400km Mar 2022 Audax Atlanta Athens, GA
5 Athens 300k Brevet 315km Feb 2022 Audax Atlanta Athens, GA
1 Cooper Creek Loop 102km Feb 2022 Audax Atlanta Dahlonega, GA
1 Albany 200 201km Jan 2022 Audax Atlanta Albany, GA
2 Little White House 200k Brevet 211km Nov 2021 Audax Atlanta Griffin, GA
2 Thomasville 600k 635km Apr 2021 Audax Atlanta Griffin, GA
3 Chops and Hops 100 100km Mar 2021 Audax Atlanta Watkinsville, GA
6 Athens Georgia 200k 204km Sep 2020 Audax Atlanta Athens, GA
2 Augusta Georgia 300k 301km Feb 2020 Audax Atlanta Grovetown, GA
4 Georgia Silk Sheets 200k Brevet 206km Dec 2019 Audax Atlanta Sandy Springs, GA
1 Amicalola Foothills Ramble 200km Aug 2019 Audax Atlanta Cumming, GA
1 Tavares-Polk City-Tavares 200km Apr 2019 Central Florida Randonneurs Tavares, FL
1 Salisbury - Garland 600k 606km Oct 2018 Bicycle For Life Club Salisbury, NC
1 Gainesville Georgia 200k 200km Feb 2017 Audax Atlanta Clarks Bridge, GA
1 Cracker Swamp 1200K 1200km Oct 2016 Central Florida Randonneurs Tavares, FL
1 Sherman’s March 200km Aug 2016 Audax Atlanta Snellville, GA
1 Asheville-Damascus-Asheville 400k 400km Jul 2016 Asheville International Randonneurs Asheville, NC
2 Solstice 300 302km Jun 2016 Audax Atlanta Cedartown, GA
1 RUSA Route #230 600km Jun 2015 North Carolina Bicycle Club Morrisville, NC
1 Sweet Onion Six 620km May 2015 Audax Atlanta Athens, GA
1 Greensboro-Laurinburg-Seagrove 400k 401km Aug 2014 Bicycle For Life Club Greensboro, NC
1 Pendleton 200k 206km May 2014 Audax Atlanta Pendleton, SC
1 Sumter Forest 200k 204km May 2014 Audax Atlanta Evans, GA
1 Dublin 600k 614km Sep 2013 Audax Atlanta Dublin, GA
1 Lumberton - Roseboro - Surf City - Wallace 400k 400km Sep 2013 Bicycle For Life Club Lumberton, NC
1 Lake Acworth 200k 203km Aug 2013 Audax Atlanta Acworth, GA
2 Bundrick's Revenge 200k 200km Sep 2012 Audax Atlanta Dahlongea, GA
1 Double Caesar 600k Brevet 602km May 2012 Audax Atlanta Evans, GA
2 Augusta Georgia 400k 407km Mar 2012 Audax Atlanta Evans, GA
2 Dawsonville Georgia 400k 400km May 2011 Audax Atlanta Lumpkin, GA
3 Gainesville Georgia 300k 300km Apr 2011 Audax Atlanta Clarks Bridge, GA
1 RUSA Route #671 614km Sep 2010 Tennessee Randonneurs Nashville, TN
1 GSO - VA – Coho - GSO 300k 305km Sep 2010 Bicycle For Life Club Greensboro, NC
1 RUSA Route #447 600km Apr 2010 Gainesville Cycling Club Gainesville, FL
2 Augusta Georgia 200k 202km Feb 2010 Audax Atlanta Grovetown, GA
The RUSA Rando Scout award excludes Permanents, Team Events, and events for which no route is associated.
Many RUSA events before 2010 do not specify the route used.

The Rando Scout Award is maintained by Dan Driscoll.