Clint PROVENZA (3594) Event Statistics:
RUSA Membership expired on 2020-12-31
Below excludes Permanents
Total RUSA Events: 62 for 19,973 km
Total Ride Time: 2,877 hours
Unique RUSA Routes: 29 (Scout Criteria)
Unique RUSA Regions: 8
RM Events: 1
Team Events: 9

Rando Scout Tabulation for Clint PROVENZA (3594)

Ct. Route Dist. Latest Region Route Start
9 Eastern Shore 200 205km Nov 2020 DC Randonneurs Centreville, MD
4 Four States 400km Apr 2018 DC Randonneurs Frederick, MD
1 Pastries & Coffee Brevet 209km Mar 2018 DC Randonneurs Severna Park, MD
4 Warrenton 300 300km Apr 2017 DC Randonneurs Warrenton, VA
1 Paul's Paradise 202K 202km Mar 2017 DC Randonneurs Poolesville, MD
1 Woodbine-Dillsburg 207km Dec 2016 DC Randonneurs Woodbine, MD
3 Civil War Tour 205km Oct 2016 DC Randonneurs Frederick, MD
2 LOL (Lap Of the Lake) 1014km Jul 2014 Finger Lakes Randonneurs Ontario, NY
1 Salisbury Hoffman 300k 304km Mar 2014 Bicycle For Life Club Salisbury, NC
1 Glen Echo 106k 106km Jan 2014 DC Randonneurs Glen Echo, MD
1 Big Wild Ride 1214km Jul 2013 Denali Randonneurs Valdez, AK
1 Pigeon Hills 600k 603km Jun 2013 DC Randonneurs Frederick, MD
1 Firefly 400 401km May 2013 DC Randonneurs Warrenton, VA
4 Urbana 200 200km Mar 2013 DC Randonneurs Hyattstown, MD
1 Many Rivers and Fords 600k 616km Jun 2012 DC Randonneurs Warrenton, VA
2 Ye Olde Frederick 300 300km May 2012 DC Randonneurs Frederick, MD
1 Hawks Nest 200 202km Jul 2011 Pennsylvania Randonneurs Delaware Water Gap, PA
1 Cacapon 201km Oct 2010 DC Randonneurs Middletown, VA
1 Many Rivers 600K 605km Jun 2010 DC Randonneurs Warrenton, VA
2 Tappahannock 200km Jan 2010 DC Randonneurs Ashland, VA
1 RUSA Route #680 204km Dec 2009 Pennsylvania Randonneurs Easton, PA
1 RUSA Route #721 307km Apr 2009 Northern Virginia Randonneurs Harrisonburg, VA
1 Woodbine Wallop 205km Dec 2008 DC Randonneurs Woodbine, MD
1 Reno 911 206km Aug 2008 DC Randonneurs Poolesville, MD
1 Mason Dixon 200km Jan 2008 Randonneurs of the Mid-Atlantic Bethesda, MD
1 RUSA Route #380 200km Oct 2007 Randonneurs of the Mid-Atlantic Woodbine, MD
1 Shenandoah 600 600km Jun 2007 Randonneurs of the Mid-Atlantic Middletown, VA
1 RUSA Route #164 200km Mar 2007 Randonneurs of the Mid-Atlantic Hyattstown, MD
1 Kinder-Gentler 400km May 2006 Randonneurs of the Mid-Atlantic Warrenton, VA
The RUSA Rando Scout award excludes Permanents, Team Events, and events for which no route is associated.
Many RUSA events before 2010 do not specify the route used.

The Rando Scout Award is maintained by Dan Driscoll.