Lydia Ellen TROTT (11747) Event Statistics:
Below excludes Permanents
Total RUSA Events: 49 for 15,436 km
Total Ride Time: 2,572 hours
Unique RUSA Routes: 29 (Scout Criteria)
Unique RUSA Regions: 10
RM Events: 1
Team Events: 5

Rando Scout Tabulation for Lydia Ellen TROTT (11747)

Ct. Route Dist. Latest Region Route Start
1 Aurora City of Lights 400K 401km Jun 2024 Chicago Randonneurs Aurora, IL
1 The Nickel Plate 150K 152km May 2024 Indiana Randonneurs Rochester, IN
1 Turkey Run 125K Rouleur 125km Apr 2024 Indiana Randonneurs Terre Haute, IN
3 IR Half Rock 100k 106km Mar 2024 Indiana Randonneurs Independence, IN
1 Teays River 100K 100km Mar 2024 Indiana Randonneurs Lafayette, IN
1 Fall Brewer's Bash 228km Oct 2023 Indiana Randonneurs West Point, IN
1 Riding the Rails 400K 403km Jul 2023 Indiana Randonneurs Kokomo, IN
3 A Real Doozy 203km Jun 2023 Indiana Randonneurs Angola, IN
2 Pokagon 300K 300km Jun 2023 Indiana Randonneurs Angola, IN
2 Wabash on the Rocks 200k 208km Apr 2023 Indiana Randonneurs Independence, IN
2 Boiler Up 100k 101km Mar 2023 Indiana Randonneurs West Lafayette, IN
2 Indianapolis Story Indianapolis 200km Oct 2022 Indiana Randonneurs Indianapolis, IN
1 Hell's Gate 100k Gravel 111km Apr 2022 Indiana Randonneurs Terre Haute, IN
1 Million Meters 2 The Dark Chocolate Cow 1007km Jul 2019 Great Lakes Randonneurs Green Bay, WI
1 Puff the Magic 600k 603km Jun 2019 Great Lakes Randonneurs Woodstock, IL
2 Columbus 600 600km Jun 2019 Indiana Randonneurs Columbus, IN
1 Columbus Loop 400km May 2019 Indiana Randonneurs Columbus, IN
1 Leiper's Fork 200K 206km Feb 2019 Tennessee Randonneurs Leiper's Fork, TN
1 Pompano Beach 300k 300km Jan 2019 South Florida Randonneurs Pompano Beach, FL
2 AAA 200K 201km Oct 2018 Detroit Randonneurs Adrian, MI
1 RUSA Route #21 400km Sep 2018 St Louis Randonneurs Edwardsville, IL
1 Great Lakes Mac & Cheese 1210km Aug 2018 Great Lakes Randonneurs Ludington, MI
1 Danville Dandy 105km Apr 2018 Indiana Randonneurs Zionsville, IN
1 RUSA Route #839 309km Mar 2018 Louisville Bicycle Club Shelbyville, KY
1 RUSA Route #244 200km Jan 2018 Tennessee Randonneurs Kingston Springs, TN
1 Million Meters of Milk 1014km Jul 2017 Great Lakes Randonneurs Fod Du Lac, WI
1 Macedonia-Meadville-Salem 600K 605km Jun 2017 Ohio Randonneurs Macedonia, OH
1 Macedonia-Meadville-Sandy Lake 400K 409km May 2017 Ohio Randonneurs Macedonia, OH
1 Eldridge North 300k 307km Apr 2017 Quad Cities Randonneurs Eldridge, IA
The RUSA Rando Scout award excludes Permanents, Team Events, and events for which no route is associated.
Many RUSA events before 2010 do not specify the route used.

The Rando Scout Award is maintained by Dan Driscoll.