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Event Date Route (Tentative) Dist. Start City
(Distance from Search)
Jun 6, 2020The Big LebowskiACP 600 km The Dalles, OR (72mi)Oregon Randonneurs
Jun 6, 2020Willamette WheelieACP 400 km Newberg, OR (20mi)Oregon Randonneurs
Jun 6, 2020Kings Valley 200ACP 200 km Newberg, OR (20mi)Oregon Randonneurs
Jun 7, 2020Newberg-ScioACP 200 km Newberg, OR (20mi)Oregon Randonneurs
Jun 26, 2020Not SpecifiedACP 1000 km TBD Oregon Randonneurs
Jun 26, 2020Not SpecifiedACP 400 km TBD Oregon Randonneurs
Jun 27, 2020Not SpecifiedACP 600 km TBD Oregon Randonneurs
Oct 3, 2020Mt Adams SxSW BrevetACP 200 km Stevenson, WA (39mi)Oregon Randonneurs
Nov 7, 2020Snoozeville/VerboortRUSA 100 km Rockcreek, OR (10mi)Oregon Randonneurs

Events are subject to change. See region website for details and registration.

Nearby Permanents ()

Permanents are owned by RUSA members. Contact the owner directly to schedule an attempt.
Perm Perm Name Dist. States Hills Start City

(Dist. from Search)

25536 Passes SR600 602 kmOR33600'N/AResults

[P2P] denotes Point-to-Point (one way) Permanents. The nearest end location is shown.

Strikethrough denotes inactive route due to a owner with an expired RUSA membership.

Brevet Routes ()

These are approved brevets routes in this area. Brevets are only scheduled by RUSA regions. Not all routes are currently in use.
Region Route Name Dist. Start City

(Distance from Search)

Last Used
Oregon RandonneursRUSA Anniversary Populaire102 km Wilshire Park, OR (4mi) May 12, 2012
Oregon RandonneursRUSA Anniversary201 km Wilshire Park, OR (4mi) May 11, 2019
Oregon RandonneursPortland-Ripplebrook-Portland200 km Portland, OR (5mi) Jun 30, 2012
Oregon RandonneursHills to the Yeah!201 km Portland, OR (5mi) No Records
Oregon RandonneursOf Mountains and Valleys and Praries, Oh My…605 km Portland, OR (5mi) Aug 25, 2012
Oregon RandonneursScavenger Hunt 200k200 km Beaverton, OR (7mi) Oct 5, 2013
Oregon RandonneursOlney-Gothic Logger304 km St Johns, OR (7mi) Mar 30, 2019
Oregon RandonneursUp Yer Ash200 km Vancouver, WA (9mi) Aug 1, 2015
Oregon RandonneursSnoozeville/Verboort100 km Rockcreek, OR (10mi) Nov 2, 2019
Oregon RandonneursApplegate 600600 km Oregon City, OR (13mi) Jun 1, 2013
Oregon RandonneursSkyline 100100 km Hillsboro, OR (14mi) Aug 1, 2009
Oregon RandonneursRickey's Poplaire100 km Hillsboro, OR (14mi) Mar 21, 2020
Oregon RandonneursHillsboro-Lafayette Populaire105 km Hillsboro, OR (14mi) Feb 8, 2020
Oregon RandonneursHillsboro-Dallas-Hillsboro200 km Hillsboro, OR (14mi) Feb 8, 2020
Oregon RandonneursRUSA Route #790609 km Troutdale, OR (15mi) No Records
Oregon RandonneursGlacier1000 km Troutdale, OR (15mi) Jun 14, 2017
Oregon RandonneursCovered Bridges 200200 km Wilsonville, OR (15mi) May 12, 2018
Oregon RandonneursKings Valley 400400 km Wilsonville, OR (15mi) Aug 26, 2017
Oregon RandonneursCovered Bridges400 km Wilsonville, OR (15mi) May 11, 2019
Oregon RandonneursCoastal Loops 1000k1000 km Wilsonville, OR (15mi) Sep 21, 2018
Oregon RandonneursMolalla Foothills 200k205 km Canby, OR (18mi) Oct 6, 2018
Oregon RandonneursScreech Owl100 km Newberg, OR (20mi) Apr 16, 2016
Oregon RandonneursGrab Bag 200200 km Newberg, OR (20mi) Mar 7, 2020
Oregon RandonneursKings Valley 200201 km Newberg, OR (20mi) Jun 8, 2019
Oregon RandonneursNewberg-Scio202 km Newberg, OR (20mi) May 4, 2019
Oregon RandonneursHot Springs Only300 km Newberg, OR (20mi) Apr 8, 2017
Oregon RandonneursGrab Bag 300300 km Newberg, OR (20mi) Mar 7, 2020
Oregon RandonneursNehalem Nestucca400 km Newberg, OR (20mi) Apr 25, 2015
Oregon RandonneursNestucca-Kings Valley400 km Newberg, OR (20mi) Aug 31, 2015
Oregon RandonneursWillamette Wheelie401 km Newberg, OR (20mi) Apr 22, 2017
Oregon RandonneursHot Springs and Dunes600 km Newberg, OR (20mi) May 7, 2016
Oregon RandonneursKings Valley 600602 km Newberg, OR (20mi) Jun 8, 2019
Oregon RandonneursWine Country109 km Forest Grove, OR (21mi) Jan 1, 2020
Oregon RandonneursForest Grove - BV Trail110 km Forest Grove, OR (21mi) May 14, 2016
Oregon RandonneursWoodburn Heartburn150 km Forest Grove, OR (21mi) Mar 19, 2006
Oregon RandonneursBirkie200 km Forest Grove, OR (21mi) Apr 4, 2020
Oregon RandonneursWine Country 200207 km Forest Grove, OR (21mi) Jan 1, 2020
Oregon RandonneursThree Capes Classic300 km Forest Grove, OR (21mi) Apr 20, 2019
Oregon RandonneursNehalem 400400 km Forest Grove, OR (21mi) Aug 23, 2008
Oregon RandonneursOregon Coast 600606 km Forest Grove, OR (21mi) Jun 2, 2018
Oregon RandonneursDetroit-Silver Falls303 km Estacada, OR (23mi) Aug 2, 2008
Oregon RandonneursBarlow Trail 300304 km Sandy, OR (24mi) Sep 26, 2009
Oregon RandonneursRay's Banks-Elsie201 km Banks, OR (24mi) Aug 5, 2017
Oregon RandonneursAlsea Falls 400407 km McMinnville, OR (33mi) Aug 8, 2009
Oregon RandonneursMt Adams SxSW Brevet200 km Stevenson, WA (39mi) Oct 5, 2019
Oregon RandonneursStevenson-Yale Park200 km Stevenson, WA (39mi) No Records

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